Modern Front Doors



Modern Front Doors

If minimalism is your style, modern front doors are a good choice. These modern doors are made from a variety of materials and styles, and many of them incorporate an unusual feature such as a pivoting outer frame. Other types have no visible hinges, which makes them perfect for minimalist homes. Others incorporate colorful designs, such as laser-carved doors. These doors feature floral designs that extend out from the frame and an aerial view. They are often coated with an aluminum coating, which adds visual weight to the door and adds a touch of color and texture, click here


Aside from being attractive, modern front doors should be highly secure. Most burglars will try to target the main entrance first, so it’s essential to have a sturdy door to welcome guests while protecting your home from unwanted visitors. The European standard EN1627 distinguishes six resistance classes. A door in RC1 will be the easiest to open with simple tools, while a door in resistance class RC2 or RC3 will take between 3 and 5 minutes to be opened. If you want to protect your home even more from burglaries, an RC6 door will offer you more security and will be more difficult to pry open.

The front door is often the most important part of a home, and modern doors are no exception. Guests and mail delivery companies will regularly visit this door, making it a focal point of the house’s exterior. A modern front door will add character and enhance the design of the rest of the home, and can tie the whole look together.

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