Acne Patches – How Do They Work?


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How do acne patches work?

Acne patches are small stickers that help to heal your blemishes in two ways. First, they create a protective seal over your pimples that helps keep the area clean and free of dirt and grime. Second, they absorb excess wound fluids, creating a moist environment that is better for the healing process. The white stuff on the patch is hydrated hydrocolloid, which turns into a jelly-like mass to provide a healthy environment for the pimple to heal in.

Can I shower with the Patches?

To use acne patches, clean the skin and apply the patch to a fresh blemish. Make sure to follow the directions on the packaging regarding how long you should wear the Patches. Once you have removed the patch, gently wash the affected area. Then, continue with your normal skincare process (cleanse, tone, and moisturize). You can also use the Patches during the day if desired.

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