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beach casual mens

For men, a good beach casual mens wardrobe begins with a pair of linen shorts. They’re breathable and lightweight, essential for lazy days of sun-bathing and eating snacks in the shade. Look for shorts that have been pre-washed for long wear. Linen is a natural material, but you can also look for smart fabrics like Tencel – a biodegradable fibre spun from eucalyptus sap that feels and looks like silk. You can also upgrade to khaki pants, or even smarter seersucker.

In the summer, bright colours work best for casual beach outfits. Choose a light shirt in a bright tropical hue like coral, mint or sea blue, and team it with a pair of smart linen trousers or khaki shorts. You can also opt for denim in a lighter fabric, such as cotton or linen blends or chambray which has the unmistakable puckered texture of seersucker but is breezier.

Beach Casual Style: Men’s Fashion Tips for a Laid-Back Beach Look

A smart hat is a must-have for any casual beach outfit. You can go for a classic clubmaster, or try something a little more distinctive like this woven band style. Finish off your beach look with a pair of open-toed shoes such as flip-flops or sandals, and don’t forget to bring a towel!

For those swankier beach parties, you can step up the style game by wearing a smart pair of khakis or seersucker pants. Pair them with a light-coloured striped button-down shirt, and add a straw hat for a stylish beach casual look.

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