Beauty in 2022


Beauty in 2022

Despite the Popular Beauty Ingredients on Social Media in political leadership, Beauty remains a resilient industry with steady growth. In fact, 2022 was a strong year for many of the industry’s most beloved brands, with several launching new products and expanding existing ones to reach consumers in a more relevant way.

In the skincare space, expect to see more clean formulas that focus on addressing skin’s unique needs with products like nutrient-dense facial oils and cleansers that deliver a glowing finish to the complexion. Meanwhile, a makeup trend from the ’90s is making a comeback: glazed or glossy lips that are colored in all kinds of bold shades. The look pairs well with a diffused eyeshadow and brushed-up brows.

The Future of Beauty: Top Trends and Innovations for 2022

Another skincare trend to watch for is multi-masking, which involves using multiple face masks based on your skin’s needs. The technique can help to improve the complexion, boost the skin’s microbiome, soothe irritated skin, and more. It’s also a way to get more out of your skincare regimen without buying too many different products.

Inclusive beauty will continue to be a major driver in 2022, as major investors continue to invest in genderless body care brands like Byredo and Nest. And, as more consumers embrace a ‘clean girl aesthetic’ that focuses on simple makeup and streamlined routines, expect beauty brands to offer more minimalist looks and cult-like products.

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