CBD Muscle and Joint Balm


cbd stick balm

A cbd stick balm is a topical that is infused with a high concentration of cannabidiol to soothe skin and provide benefits like aching muscle relief. It is typically manufactured as a balm into which wax, like beeswax, is added to harden it for easier application. A cbd stick is convenient to carry and easy to use when and where needed.

Whether you are an avid jogger or full-time gym fanatic, there’s one feeling that’s universal amongst fitness enthusiasts: sore muscles. Icing, heat pads, electrolyte infusions and foam rollers are all great tools to have at your disposal but sometimes you just need a little extra help getting through that post-workout ache and inflammation.

On-the-Go Relief: CBD Stick Balm Insights

That’s where a cbd muscle and joint stick comes in. Designed with a blend of organic broad-spectrum CBD, skin-nourishing hemp seed oil and soothing herbal extracts, this balm offers targeted tension relief in a handy, mess-free package that’s easy to keep in your gym bag or pocket.

It’s best to apply the balm right after a workout when your pores are open and able to absorb it fully. Pair it with any existing recovery tools or routines — whether that’s your favorite tennis ball, a foam roller, or your daily stretches and soothing exercises — to make your new go-to balm even more effective. It’s also non-sticky and won’t transfer to your clothes or sheets, so it’s perfect for using on the go or in the office.

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