Diesel Performance Upgrades


Like gasoline performance parts, diesel power upgrades are available to give your truck a boost of horsepower. These products include fuel injectors, exhausts and modules that change how your engine runs. These changes help to increase power and improve fuel efficiency. They also can help to make your engine run cleaner. These modifications are great for both off road and street use. This link willysworkshop.com.au

Most diesel engines are built for a higher compression ratio than gasoline engines. This makes them able to handle the added boost created by a turbo. As a result, the turbo can often make more horsepower with less lag than a gasoline engine with a similar boost. This is what has made diesel engines the most popular choice for high-horsepower applications.

Diesel Performance vs. Emissions: Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

Many diesel trucks are being modified to compete in all kinds of racing, from traditional truck and tractor pulling to drag racing and endurance races. These diesels are not only proving their capabilities in these events, they are also setting records in a number of other areas.

A common diesel performance upgrade is to install high-flow fuel injectors. Factory injectors are designed to maximize fuel economy and are not set up to deliver the amount of fuel needed to create power. High-flow diesel injectors can help to create a fine mist of fuel that is more easily atomized as it enters the cylinder, improving engine power and boosting efficiency.

Another popular diesel performance upgrade is a diesel chip. These chips alter how the engine runs and can add up to 30% more horsepower. They work by adjusting the incoming signals from the factory computer and then sending new data to each of the engine’s combustion components.

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