Full Service Catering Vs Drop Off Catering


If you have an upcoming event and don’t want to handle the food preparation yourself, full-service catering is a great option. Full service catering offers staffing that will ensure that everything runs smoothly during the event. Good personal skills and communication are key to a positive guest experience, so the staffing you choose for your event is crucial. Additionally, they will be able to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions and food allergies. Full-service caterers offer all of these services and more.

If you’re not familiar with how full-service catering works, it’s important to know that you’re not alone in this regard. Almost 98% of Los Angeles and San Diego weddings opt for full-service catering. This is because weddings have large crowds and many moving parts that are difficult to oversee, and even the most organized couple cannot be everywhere at once. Not to mention that worrying about the details can take away from the experience of your special day.

For restaurants, full-service catering involves hiring and training staff to handle food preparation. It also involves purchasing equipment and uniforms, as well as training white-glove staff. On the other hand, drop-off catering is becoming a popular choice among business customers. This type of catering allows you to set up a business and still be able to provide for your customers’ needs. Drop-off catering is an easy option for restaurants that don’t want to invest in additional equipment and staff.



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