How to Apply Custom Vinyl Transfer Stickers


custom vinyl transfer stickers

Custom vinyl transfer stickers are a great way to brand and promote your business, create cool products or just add a personal touch. They can be used on any surface, from windows to laptops to water bottles.

Clear Vinyl Stickers – Perfect for Minimalist Designs that Will Have a Big Impact

Custom vinyl stickers in clear are the perfect choice for minimalistic designs, like those that showcase your logo and product information. They also have a low-shine, matte finish, which makes them look great on any surface!

Transfer Tape & Paper Application Support

For best results, apply custom decals to a smooth, non-porous surface. Use a squeegee applicator to press down the decal onto the desired surface from one corner to the other, maintaining pressure and minimizing bubbles.

A clear plastic application tape is applied to the top of your sticker design to hold all individual pieces of vinyl together. This application tape also allows you to place multiple pieces of vinyl on your desired surface cleanly and evenly.

How to Make Your Own Custom Transfer Stickers: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

For the most professional and cleanest looking logo or design, we recommend custom vinyl decals that are exact cut to the shape of your design. These stickers are then shipped with transfer tape for easy installation.

This application method is preferred by many customers. It’s a four-step process that includes cleaning the desired surface, peeling and removing the wax liner, transferring your custom decal and finally squeegeeing to remove excess transfer tape.

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