How to Check Your IP Address Reputation


Whether you’re sending email to your customers or you’re trying to improve your own email marketing campaign, IP address reputation is a valuable asset. Bad IP reputation can have a huge impact on your business. You can improve your reputation by taking action to remove spam traps and spam complainers. You can also use dedicated tools to check your IP address reputation.

What is IP reputation?

The first step in checking your IP reputation is to identify the primary IP address. This is easy to do. You can find this information in the header section of your emails.

You can then look at the history of the IP address reputation. If it has a lot of non-malicious activity, the IP will have a good reputation. However, if the IP has been used for malicious activities, it will have a lower reputation.

If you’re looking for a way to prevent your IP from getting listed, you can install an alerting system. You can also look up the IP of a particular domain using a tool like BMS Lookup Tool.

Another method to help prevent your IP from getting listed is to contact your ISP. They will be able to take you through the steps to delist your IP from blacklists. Generally, most blacklist services delist IP addresses within 24 hours. You can also ask friends to whitelist your email address.

You can use a free service called Sender Score to get an idea of your IP’s reputation. The score ranges from zero to 100. A score below 70 indicates a poor reputation, while a score above 80 shows a strong reputation.

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