How to Choose the Right Athletic Fit Clothing


athletic fit clothing

If you’re in the market for a shirt that will help you show off your physique without looking like a football player, then an athletic fit dress shirt is a great choice. These performance shirts are designed for athletic bodies and made from technical fabrics that stretch, wick sweat, and keep you looking sharp.

What Are the Differences between an Athletic Fit and a Slim Fit?

An athletic fit clothing is a cut that fits more snugly to a muscular body type. These shirts are usually a little tighter around the arms, chest, and waist than a regular fit.

The main difference is that the athletic fit shirts are tailored to fit your body. They’re more fitted to the shoulder bones, allowing you to feel comfortable and move freely.

Athletic Fit Clothing: How it Helps You Look and Feel Your Best During Workouts

A slim fit is best suited to those who have a skinny build. These shirts are flattering, and they will show off your trim waist and slim arms.

If you have a heavier build, then a slim fit shirt can be too tight on your shoulders, chest, and arms. These shirts can also be uncomfortable, as the buttons will fall off and your elbows will tear through them over time.

What Are the Best Body Types to Wear an Athletic Tapered Fit Shirt?

An athletic tapered fit is a hybrid of an athletic fit and a slim fit. It’s a tapered fit in the arm and chest area, but is still very form-hugging in the legs. This is best suited to those who have shaped legs and have a V-taper body type.

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