How To Keep Birds From Protecting Your Solar Panels And Generating electricity


bird proofing solar panels

Importantly, bird proofing solar panels do more than just stop birds using the energy generated by your solar power system. It also lessens or nullifies the harmful effects of bird droppings, on the effectiveness and longevity of your solar panels. Generally, the best location for bird proofing your solar panels would be at the southern face of your panels.

The Hidden Mystery Behind Bird Proofing Solar Panels

However, in some areas this may not be feasible. In these instances it is important to look for alternative means of keeping birds from attacking your solar energy system. The best option to keep birds from attacking your solar energy panels is to implement an effective and inexpensive pest deterrent. Pest deterrents that are designed specifically for solar panels are available today, and they can be quite effective in deterring most bird species from getting onto and into your solar panels.

Another effective way of keeping birds from getting onto your solar panels and causing a problem is by installing bird spikes. Bird spikes are inexpensive and easy to install, and should be included with any bird proofing solar panels systems you may be considering. Bird spikes attach to the undersides of your solar panels, and prevent the suction created by the sun’s rays from reaching the panels themselves. These bird spikes are made out of stainless steel or aluminum and can easily be installed on your own without the aid of a professional.

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