How to Measure Your Sliding Doors


sliding doors

From a space-saving skjutdörrar to creating a more open and spacious atmosphere, the right sliding doors can have an immediate impact on your home or office. But it’s important to choose the correct size – otherwise, the doors may not fit or bend off the track. In this article, we will show you how to accurately measure your door opening and frame depth to ensure your new doors are a perfect fit.

Sliding doors have a wide glass area and narrow frames that optimize the visual connection to your surroundings. The combination of these elements captures natural light in your home, illuminating your rooms and giving the impression of additional interior space. This helps reduce the amount of artificial lighting during the day, making your home more inviting and lowering energy costs.

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Moreover, the doors offer a clear view of children playing outside and enable you to monitor your backyard with ease, even when your family is at home or on vacation. Sliding doors can also seamlessly connect indoor and outdoor areas for optimal use of your living spaces.

Another advantage is the free-flowing airflow facilitated by large glass panes. This can help your home or business cool down incredibly quickly and can significantly reduce cooling costs. Additionally, you can enjoy a refreshing breeze when entertaining in your garden or when cooking in the kitchen. Sliding doors are easy to open and close with a push and don’t require much strength, making them ideal for people with limited mobility or physical strength.

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