How to Shop Cannabis With Ease


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Whether you’re just starting to shop cannabis or have been buying recreational marijuana for years, it’s helpful to have some ideas going into the dispensary about what kind of experience you want. Having a few parameters in mind is going to make it easier for you and your budtender to navigate the shelves successfully, whether you’re looking for happy feelings, clear-headed focus or relief from specific symptoms. Find out

Having a friendly attitude toward cannabis also helps, Payan says. She urges consumers to be open to new experiences, and she notes that the Apothecarium offers returns if they end up not enjoying something. She recommends trying a small amount of a new product, like a single cookie or gummy, to see how you react. A gram of flower is “a great way to experiment,” she adds, because it’s not much money to lose if you don’t like it.

Exploring Our Cannabis Shop: Unveiling a Diverse Range of Strains and Products

The state is trying to speed up the process of opening retail stores by encouraging retailers to offer delivery services while they wait for storefronts. It’s seeded a $200 million private fund to help for-profit entrepreneurs, and it has tasked a firm led by NBA basketball player Chris Webber, businesswoman Lavetta Willis and former city comptroller William Thompson with raising $150 million in the private sector.

Weedmaps, a digital cannabis marketplace that lists products and menus from retail cannabis businesses across legal states, has expanded its functionality to allow consumers to directly purchase goods via their platform. The service enables shoppers to seamlessly flow from browsing a product on a dispensary’s menu right into placing an order for delivery or pickup.

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