Luxury Meditation Resort in Bali


One of the most popular luxury meditation resort in Bali is The Istana. It was built in 1998 by Richard Legg and J. Mark Ling, who is both active practitioners of mindfulness meditation. Since then, the Istana has become a highly sought-after destination for people interested in learning more about this ancient art of relaxation. The Istana is perfect for those who want a complete retreat experience, including peacefulness, meditation and yoga. The Istana features a large, fully-equipped garden with a waterfall and courtyard surrounded by tropical gardens and trees. There are also secluded pavilions for those who want a little more privacy, and private spa sessions and yoga classes for those who wish to delve into the blissful benefits of relaxation.

Luxury Meditation Resort in Bali – A Relaxing Break

The Istana also features an enormous pool and numerous lush gardens for those who wish to have a relaxing time by the pool. The island is served by ferry to the mainland and travelers can use bicycles or take taxis to get around. The ferries depart from Sanur and arrive at the Istana every morning.

The Istana is privately owned and is the only Luxury Meditation Resort in Bali that is situated within the active foothills of the mountain. The two-story building sits proudly on the hillside overlooking the ocean. One of the attractions of the Istana is the observation deck that overlooks the ocean and offers breathtaking views of the coastline of the island as well as Pang Island. Another spectacular attraction of the luxury meditation resort in Bali is its fitness center, which offers a spacious gymnasium and a steam room. The gymnasium is equipped with a steam room, sauna, weights, cable television, DVD player and much more.

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