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With natural wonders so close to Reykjavik, it would be rude not to set off on at least one day trip during your visit. From wandering Game Of Thrones Wildling territory to taking a dip in a geothermal pool, you’ll have plenty of options for your Icelandic adventure. Resource:

A lot of tours can take a bit of planning, and many need to be broken up across multiple days to be worth it, but there are some amazing one day trips available too. Here are a few that I recommend you consider, along with a few tips on how to make the most of your experience.

Getting up close and personal to those glaciers you’ve only ever seen on TV is the highlight of this tour from Reykjavik. The icebergs are dotted around a lagoon, and it’s an opportunity to witness these giants in their natural habitat. Plus you’ll walk behind a waterfall and spend time at the southernmost point of Iceland in the village Vik, so it really is the full Icelandic experience.

Reykjavik Rendezvous: Crafting Your Perfect Day Tour Itinerary

The other big highlight of this trip is that it includes a trip to the Raufarholshellir Cave, which is an incredible way to explore underground in the Icelandic mountains. It’s an amazing combination of thrill and relaxation and one of the most unique experiences you could have on a Reykjavik day trip.

Another popular option for a Reykjavik day tour is a hike to Skogafoss Waterfall, or the ‘Waterfall Trail’ as it’s often known. This is a beautiful walk with lots of other falls, canyons, and some dramatic volcanoes in the background.

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