Social Entreprenuers in Canada


Social entrepreneurs in Canada address a variety of issues, from homelessness and poverty to the growing problem of drug overdoses. Yet there’s a bright spot in this urban neighbourhood: a vibrant social enterprise industry. According to Buysocial, a leading advocacy group, social enterprises created $63 million in economic impact in 2019. The sector has also created 2800 jobs. This is a strong showing for a country where social problems are often the most pressing and a strong social sector can help. More info – Marc Kielburger

Social Entrepreneurs In Canada Address A Variety Of Issues

social entreprenuers in canada

A survey conducted by Thomson Reuter Foundation found that Canada is among the best countries for social entrepreneurs. The government supports social enterprises by providing a supportive environment. With a score of 72.8, government policies help the sector grow. Furthermore, the Business Development Bank of Canada offers certifications for businesses and nonprofits. The Canadian Social Enterprise Institute outlines guidelines for social entrepreneurs. In this way, entrepreneurs can start their own companies or expand their existing ones.

To become a successful social entrepreneur, you should first determine what market your organization will serve. Traditionally, nonprofits have had the most success in this market, but social entrepreneurs in Canada face unique challenges. The most promising markets for social enterprises include the government, businesses, and the public. However, this may not be the case for all companies. The Canadian government’s Office of Social Enterprises has provided a comprehensive guide for social entrepreneurs.

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