Solar Installation – An Overview


Solar installation is one of the most important factors in producing your own solar power, but it can be a complex and confusing process for the nonprofessional or inexperienced homeowner. There are many options and companies available to help you complete and install your system. It is a good idea to take advantage of resources available to you to make your decision, but in general, you will want to hire an experienced solar installation expert to ensure that the project will produce the best results. A solar installation should include:

How to Choose Solar Installation

solar installation

There are five main steps to a successful solar installation that most your chosen solar installation company will tend to follow: Engineering site visits. This is the first step where the solar installer will visit your home and discuss your needs and expectations with you. They will analyze your electricity usage and determine if you qualify for a surplus or stand-by period. If you are qualified, they will usually offer you an installer’s package that includes installation, permitting and disconnection, among other services. After the site visit the solar installer will create a comprehensive proposal including a detailed schedule, an estimate of equipment charges, and a full written report of all expenses.

Once your project is underway, the solar company will communicate with your local electric utility (as well as other local businesses and your neighbors) about your plans and ask for a pre-approval. From there the entire process will be coordinated by your local grid provider (basically the utility that you receive your electricity from). The solar company will then work with your utility to place equipment in your home and on your property. This process allows you to benefit from both a lower electric bill and the production and utilization of clean renewable energy sources. With the appropriate equipment and training, your solar installation should be completed successfully!

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