Spray Foam Insulation in Atlanta


Spray foam insulation in Atlanta enhances the comfort of a home and saves energy costs. Green Earth Spray Foam is a polyurethane product that can be applied, via special equipment, to wall cavities and then expands into every nook and cranny to seal in the conditioned air and prevent unwanted air leakage. The foam is a durable and affordable insulator that provides lasting results.

Is spray foam cheaper than regular insulation?

Unlike fiberglass insulation batts, spray foam can fill every crack and crevice of your attic, walls, roof deck, ceilings and crawl spaces. Its closed-cell structure blocks air, moisture and insects while increasing the overall R-value of your home or commercial building. Foam insulation also blocks noise and reduces energy losses, helping to create a comfortable environment that is easier on your heating and cooling bills.

Foam insulation is the best choice for attics and can be installed as a retrofit in existing homes or as part of new construction. Often, older homes lose an incredible amount of heat through the roof since it is usually not well-insulated. Adding spray foam insulation to the attic can reduce this lost energy, saving you money on heating and cooling expenses for years to come.

Oversized heating and cooling equipment is another common issue in many homes. When an HVAC system is too big, it fails to provide adequate airflow and humidity control. A blower door test can help you determine whether your home needs a smaller heating and cooling system, which will also save on initial and monthly utility costs.

Green Earth Spray Foam

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