Sworn Translation Services – When You Need an Official Document Translated


Sworn Translation Services: When you Need an Official Document Translated

Sworn Translation Services it’s necessary to have a legal translation, which is also known as a sworn or certified translation. This type of translation carries a lot more weight and is usually recognized by courts, government agencies and official institutions. It can be very useful for immigration proceedings, signing international business contracts or presenting academic documents to universities.

Sworn translators are individuals who have sworn an oath in court, which is why their translated work is considered official. They sign and seal their work with a special stamp to confirm its authenticity. This is what distinguishes a sworn translation from regular translations, as the translator has guaranteed the accuracy of their work.

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The format of a sworn translation is different from country to country, and it’s important to consult the local regulations before choosing a translation service. The sworn translator’s signature and seal must be certified by the relevant authorities in order for the translation to be valid. This can be done at town halls, notaries or the local Chamber of Commerce.

Sworn translators are highly experienced professionals who understand the importance of providing accurate and faithful translations. They prioritize attention to detail and take the time to carefully review the source text and its context. This ensures that the final translation is completely accurate and reflects the meaning of the original document. They are also committed to confidentiality and respect professional ethics.

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