Upper-Secondary Biology Tuition Subjects


A highly challenging subject, Upper-secondary Biology tuition subject offer students the guidance they need to excel in this discipline. From helping them to understand biological concepts to teaching them revision techniques and exam preparation strategies, tutors are able to provide invaluable support for secondary Biology students.

What is studied in high school biology?

The curriculum for Biology is designed as a continuum, with students learning from the fundamentals in their Primary School Science Syllabus to more advanced Biology topics in Junior College (JC). At this level, it is important for students to be in active revision and to clear up any misconceptions that might have been left uncleared at the lower levels. Otherwise, these doubts and errors might snowball, leading to low results or even a lack of interest in the subject.

One of the major challenges that Biology poses for students is its emphasis on natural processes that are not always apparent to the naked eye. For example, it is not uncommon for students to struggle with the concept of cell division, which relies on understanding basic biology such as energy metabolism, molecular bases of gene regulation and protein function. It also requires a strong visualisation of the cell structure and its various functions.

In addition to this, there are other issues that can hinder student progress, such as the need to memorise Latin names for various biological components and processes. This can prove to be a huge hurdle for many students, especially if they do not have good visualisation skills or imagination.

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